The Stereo H2O Bathtub

Pass the wine, the candles and a little light reading but don’t call it romance – don’t you dare – it’s relaxation.

Stereo H20O Bathtub

I’m sure there are couples out there who like to bond in the bath. But I gotta tell ya, if a guy ever tried to crawl in the tub with me I’d whack him over the head with a loofah brush, drag his limp body from the room and lock the door. Bath time = Me Time. And don’t you forget it.

Enjoy full underwater sound with The Stereo H20 bathtub. Get ‘enveloped’ in music direct from your iPod, CD/DVD player or, if you’re anything like my mother, your eight tracks.

The Stereo H20 Bathtub Pricetag: Coming Soon

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