Wonder Digital Cable Tuners. And Conan.

ATI TV Wonder Digital Cable Tuner

I don’t really care if you buy into Dell’s XPS 410 with ATI TV Wonder Digital Cable Turner with Blu-ray. Or if you even know what it is. But when I spied with my little eye the ever so rugged and charismatically handsome Mr O’Brien – yes, Conan – I had to post it.

According to engadget the above is still just a working prototype but, you know…don’t care. Just wanted to give you an almost image of Conan for kicks and giggles and all the rest. Plus, he’s in HDTV and, well, that’s a technical tie in if ever there was one.

Stand Alone ATI TV Wonder Digital Cable Tuner Pricetag: $300ish

Gazing into his Irish eyes a-smiling: Priceless

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