M Station Stereo Orb for iPod

M Station Stereo Orb

M Station has pretty things. Like this stereo orb which could easily be confused with the Intempo iDS02 iPod docking station but shouldn’t. Because the iDS02 was flat black and M Station’s version is pink and reminds me of a shiny little 8Ball. With an iPod stuck out the top.

The run down: This Sleek and Stylish “Made for iPod” Desktop Docking Station/ Speaker System packs a powerful ing Bass that only a Dedicated Subwoofer can produce. Every Orb includes a 10 Key Remote that allows you to navigate within Playlists from a distance, as well as adjust the Volume ±, Bass and Treble.

M Station Stereo Orb for iPod Pricetag: $129

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