Sony Ericsson SO703i Scented Phone

Sony SO703i Scented Phone

It’s been, what? Ten years since I first heard Phoebe from Friends sing the Smelly Cat song. I belt it out on a regular basis and think about it whenever I see this phone. Sony Ericsson have teamed up with NTT Docomo to bring us the SO703i – A new smelly phone. But don’t worry. That’s not a bad thing. These babies smell pretty. Like flowers and cotton candy and Chanel.

How do they work? The SO703i mobile / cell phone includes a slot for replaceable scented sheets. I imagine they’re something like those dryer sheets my mother keeps telling me to use. Anyone lucky enough to get their paws on one will have eleven different scents to choose from. No news yet on whether any of those will be Chanel. If it helps, one may smell like apple pie.

Of course they’re only found in Japan right now, hence the ‘anyone lucky enough’ from above. But like most really good gadgets, if we’re good, the SO703i may eventually make it’s way to Yankee Doodle Dandy Land.

Sony Ericsson SO703i Mobile / Cell Phone Pricetag: Once again, See Japan.

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